Multilevel parking Molino Dorino - Milan

Parcheggio d'interscambio Molino Dorino Milano

Cantiere parcheggio d'interscambio Molino Dorino Milano

Final and executive design of the structures (2001 - 2003)

Customer: Metropolitana Milanese S.p.A.
Impresa Cooperativa di Costruzioni.

The multilevel parking consisting of six floors realized with beams, columns and floors in prefabricated reinforced vibrostressed cement (c.a.v.) and reinforced prestressed cement (c.a.p), staircase, elevator and car ramps are in reinforced concrete and the foundations are isolated footings on drilled beams of a medium diameter.

Structural work amounts: ~ 7.200.000,00 €

The building has been opened for use since 2004.