New warehouse DC2 + Extension IKEA in Piacenza

Nuovo deposito DC2 + Extension IKEA Piacenza

Struttural testing in progress (2004 - 2006)

Customer: IKEA Italia Property S.r.l. and IKEA Italia Distribution S.r.l.

This structure is of large dimensions, composed of two contiguous blocks of planimetric dimensions 443.1 m x 191.5 m (DC2) and 476.8 m x 191.5 m (EXTENSION) both of the same height 13.7 m, each block is without expansion joints and with three mechanical silos of dimensions 81.4 m x 132.7 m, height 30 m. The building has been realized with columns in reinforced cement 19.0 m x 22.0 m and by reticular beams covered in steel, (19.0 m x 28.0 m to both extremes).

Structural work amounts: ~ 31.000.000,00 €

The structures have been concluded in 2006.