S.P.S. S.r.l.

S.P.S. Studio Associato, an Engineering Company, was founded on 29.02.1988.

Since 28.01.1993, S.P.S. Studio Associato has worked together with S.P.S. S.r.l., in order to supply a wider range of engineering services.

Since May 1996, S.P.S S.r.l, has been a member of permanent Association for integrated and coordinated design: RED (Resources Engineering Design), a company made up of 11 members at national level.

In February 1997, S.P.S. S.r.l becomes a partner and co-founder of the “Professione Museo” S.p.A.

In February 1997, S.P.S. S.r.l. is in joint-venture with SISPAI S.p.A. of the group Milano Serravalle S.p.A., Milano Tangenziali S.p.A., founding S.I.P.I.T. s.r.l. (Integrated Systems for Infrastructure Projects in it’s Territory), in which S.P.S. has the Technical Direction.

In February 1998, S.P.S. S.r.l. becomes a partner of REICO S.p.A., The Realization of Engineering Works of Milan, this company was founded in 1975, specialized in the designing of infrastructure and roads works. Subsequently, in the year 2002 S.P.S. s.r.l. sold it’s shares to LOMBARDI ITALIA.

In August 2001, S.P.S. S.r.l. after concluding its collaboration of organising and the starting up of the new company, S.P.S. s.r.l. leaves the social team and the technical direction of S.I.P.I.T. s.r.l., continuing although its technical collaboration as a consultant.

Since 2007 S.P.S. S.r.l. is, together with three other companies, founder of the SEPRIN S.C.a.r.l. (Services of Integrated Planning).

In September 2009 S.P.S. S.r.l. enters as a member of Azimut South S.r.l., a company offering services of orientation, information, formation, consultation and assistance for the starting up of economical companies in Italy and abroad, including the management of relations and relationships with local public authorities, with the diplomatic representations and with humanitarian and cooperation associations: in July 2011 coming out.

The company S.P.S. S.r.l. obtained the certification of its management system in conformity with the standard UNI ISO 9001: 2008. The certificate n. 11337 was issued by ICMQ S.p.A. with regard to structural design and surveillance on structures.